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We have joined the movement to bring the Global Goals into our classrooms, to our students! Everyone has a role to play in making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality. Our language schools projects support the 17 United Nations’ SDGs”.
Angeliki Varnakioti

TED-Ed Clubs support students in developing 21st century presentation skills while celebrating and amplifying youth voices around the world.

The three reasons that we decide to start a TED-Ed Club in our school:

Students learn to give a TED-style talk.

In a TED-Ed Club, students discover and explore great ideas with new (or old) friends, research and develop their ideas worth sharing and learn how to present your ideas to the world in the form of short, TED-style talks.

Teens connect with other students worldwide.

In TED-Ed Clubs all over the world, some of the same topics are coming up and being talked about. These ideas are important to TED-Ed Club Members of all ages. Students exchange recommendations for several things like… music, video games, graphic novels ecc 

They can attend a TED-Ed Weekend event.

At a TED-Ed Weekend event, young people gather to hear mind-shifting stories and explore big ideas in a broad array of topics that impact the world today. Interactive breaks empower students to envision new scenarios for the future, and think through how they will contribute to its creation.

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