“…This is so wonderful for the children. They discover gifts they didn’t know they had, and they gain a lot of self confidence”.

Angeliki Varnakioti

Participating in our musical productions they learn to help each other regardless of their other interests. Kids and teens also boost their imagination, show empathy, practice their cooperation skills and increase their concentration, self-discipline and social awareness.

Students during the rehearsals develop skills they can use outside the musical production. Their public speaking skills improve, along with their life skills.

From the lead role, to the minor characters, it takes a disciplined, hard-working team of students and teachers to put on the school performance.  At Varnakioti Language Schools, students have the opportunity to perform in a major theatre production every two years.

In order to participate in the musical, students audition by preparing an one-minute monologue or dialogue and a short dance or singing performance. Everyone who wants to try,  can participate: Varnakioti School has a “no-cut” philosophy. Students who prefer not to act can get involved behind the scenes with costumes, set design, lighting, and other tasks.

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