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 Varnakioti School is not just                    a language school:                          it is a community of learners and leaders, dreamers and innovators, thinkers and collaborators, creators and communicators, participants and explorers. It is a   community of engaged and                                 responsible                     “Global Students”.

Welcome from Angeliki Varnakioti, Head of School

When visiting our language school, you cannot help but sense a buzz: students and teachers alike show enthusiasm for the opportunities that Varnakioti School provides them with.

Our mission is to develop the learning, life and social skills of each student, by providing an outstanding foreign language education with a global perspective. The success of our school lies in the innovative learning experiences and in the dynamic student-teacher relationship. We deliver a creative and innovative curriculum, while encouraging the pursuit of personal and academic excellence.

Most importantly, however, Varnakioti School is a happy school. It promotes the liberal and open-minded values that form the heart of the school. We embrace our core values of Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Integrity and the Courage to Act.

Our world is forever changing, and serving the needs of the students and everything is based on that.  Students, are taught to move out of their comfort zones. There is richness in the activities that kids participate inside and outside the classroom. Our language school’s program combines life skills development of the individual, with engaging learning experiences in a supportive and involved school community.

And when it’s time to finish their studies, our kids go out into the world fully equipped to recognize the challenges that lie ahead, and with a passion for lifelong learning established in their mindset.

Families who join our community look back on their time here, in our school with gratitude for  the wonderful memories, the life experiences, the enduring friendships and the outstanding education delivered.

It is for all these reasons that I am highly proud to be the Head of Varnakioti School. I hope that our website will answer many of your questions. Nothing, though, can substitute for a visit, so I look forward to welcoming you to the school at one of our regular Open Events.

We hope you’ll visit us soon to learn more.

Angeliki Varnakioti ,Head of School

20 years’ experience has taught us that what matters for our students is not the destination,but the culture, the journey and the experience.We focus on those areas to ensure that our studentsnot only receive the best foreign language education,but also achieve and in most cases surpass their academic goals in a fun and progressive environment.At Varnakioti Schools we go further, not just by teaching you language skills, but by making you love a language for life.
As a global student your journey starts right here with us.This is the first step that will shape your future. Come and join our community, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!
Maria Chistina Varnakioti
Juniors’ Classes Specialist Language School Owner

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