Culture & Ethos

Mission Statement:Our mission is to develop the skills of each student,by providing an outstanding foreign language education with a global perspective.

We believe that every person will reach their personal best and overcome any challenge. We are dedicated to developing successful individuals and creating a positive environment where all of our students will learn. We never fail because we never give up. We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other. We believe in Varnakioti Language School!

Everybody is to understand what our values are, and that they are the the guiding principles for our daily work.
We believe that students develop integrity and strength of character by learning to make good choices and by taking responsibility for their actions.
We expect our students to be kind, honest and respectful of others.
We seek to inspire in our students a sense of optimism and determination in the face of challenge. Our supportive environment encourages students to develop the courage to act independently and the confidence to pursue leadership opportunities.

6 C’s
The heart of our school lies in the dynamic relationship between student and teacher. Varnakioti Schools provides an enriched program that engages students through culture, connectivity, communication and collaboration. We encourage students to think critically and analytically, to take risks and to be creative.
Varnakioti Schools’ students are expected to participate actively in their learning and to engage fully in the community life of the School.
Global classroom
We believe that through constant encouragement, we can teach young people to be confident and effective citizens.
We offer meaningful opportunities for our students in the classroom, in order to participate actively in our school.
We celebrate the open exchange of ideas and spirit of inclusiveness that flow from our multicultural global community. We seek to inspire the international awareness necessary for students to contribute responsibly to the global community.

The active involvement, of students and teachers, creates the energy and enthusiasm that characterize the Varnakioti School Experience.

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